Friday, May 8, 2009

Where to start ?

Bare with me this is a vent more like it. Im not sure where to start. Where to go. My mortgage company decides to call this morning. Telling me the 2 months I am due for (April and May). Need to be paid in full by the 31st of May. Ok that gives me 23 days to come up with $1245.84 just for them.Im sorry but my money tree never really started growing. Can you hang on a minute? Seriously do they think they are the ONLY bill I have? For the record this month left to pay I have 5 other bills. Does anyone have a huge money tree I can get some trimings off of? Because thats the only way they will help me if I "exhaust all my other options" first. WTH me telling you I have had major surgery and im not yet released doesnt help? I cant just go out and get a job like you think. I seen a girl had almost the same surgery(she had the da vinci cut instead which is 4-5 small cuts oppesed to my 1 long cut). The day before me and she just ripped open her internal stiches. So yeah im not getting a job yet to hold me back further on recovery. Then I go to my dr and he starts talking if nothing helps. We might do more surgery to take out the overies. This is how the hysterctomy started. Next thing I knew within a week or 2 I was getting it done. Something tells me same thing gonna happen. I dont think me and menopause will mix well poor kids and hubby.Well maybe not hubby he desrves it lol :)

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