Monday, November 24, 2008

Could I have been affected?

Well I havent mentioned this. But a few days ago I learned my 22 yr old cousin had passed away. We werent close. But I knew she has 2 kids apparently both taken away from her (long story). So im sitting here wondering. Why do I even want to tear up? We werent close we havent spoken in who knows how long. So it shouldnt bother me right? Could it be the fact that she and I both have 2 kids ? Could it be she was almost my age? Could it be that I realize just how precious life is ? I didnt get the chance to make it to her wake or funeral. And im regretting that. And honestly if I had the chance to go would I ? I cant say the girl had her life going where she needed to (from what I hear she died from drugs). I guess I am human after all. And it IS ok to get your emotions out evry once and a while. So thanks for listening to me ramble. Now to go poke my husband . Hes snoring again.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I was beat up by a munchkin last night

This picture is for you to see her height this is NOT Siko the little demon This picture is the demon you cant really tell but shes all munchkin shes definitaly needing a diet and possibly a haircut

and seriously im quiet sore. Ok let me explain its a munchkin cat. The beast was being transported inside without a kennel. For protection, my protection she wasnt going to get hurt. I of course listened to my husband when he said I didnt need a kennel. Of course not whats the odds on the 11pm train passing AT 11 pm you know right after I hear the horn from far away. Ok stupid me my first mistake. Well then I decide shes "small" enough to carry something else. So I grab the container of cat food and start along my maybe 50 ft to my house. So then the train comes closer and now the horn is in full blow. Cat freaks (did I mention she has no front claws?) im holding the poor baby by now by strands of her long beautiful fur. And notice this monster is biting me and clawing at me with her back feet. She amazingly knocks off my glasses you know to bite the gash in my eyebrow. Since I can no longer see without my glasses. I get down till my husband can hear me. To find my glasses in pitch dark. So he turns the truck around and beams the headlights my way. All durning this im wiping away blood like sweat falling from my face. The cat has by now calmed down since there is no more source of irritation. We get inside I have to immediatly "cleanup". For a moment there I almost passed out. From the amount of blood lost between my face, arms, and hands. But I got through it now my left hand is swollen. And I can barely do things for myself through the pain. But hey at least my first impression was a memorable one.

Friday, November 14, 2008

I think I will introduce you to the 14 pleasures I have

well i guess ill start here this "yellow"guy/girl in the middle has no name as of yet but it came with its family when i was searching craigslist they have all beaten each other up most probably b/c there was only 1 food and water bowl in the cage and barely any toys he/she is roughly about 6 months old
this guy/girl is part of the family of 5 and is currently baldy or bald eagle it currently has some new feathering on his head like ive said before they picked on each other now they have no reason these pics are actually when i first got them he/she is roughly 3-4 months old

this is another no namer (if you have an suggestions as to what to call the lutino/yellow one and this baby please let me know) his/her song is so beautiful i could listen to this little guy all day long i guess hes finally happy now he/she is roughly 3-4 months old

the little grey and white guy is what i call daddy boy he is the father of the 3 cockatiels above he definitaly loves his "wife" b/c if i move her out of the cage without him he will chirp for her till she gets back he will also do this with the "babies" he is about 3-4 yrs old

this is momma daisy she again is a cockatiel and needs a break from producing so many babies in so little time she seems much happier since ive added loads of toys and a better diet for them and more bowls to eat and drnk from she is about 3-4 yrs old

this is pretty lady she is a lutino cockatiel she is about 1 yr old she lives alone in her cage since she doesnt seem comfortable with the family of 5 with her too she came from craigslist and on a poor all seed diet (i feed seed and pellets as well as fresh/cooked fruits and veggies as well they all get food i cook too)
these guys are sunny and snowflake they are parakeets i assume sunny (the yellow one) is part english budgie but i have no clue from what i understand sunny is all boy (i caught him umm pleasing himself on his swing) and snowflake is girl i did not dna them so there is nothing that really says this is what they are for sure they are about 1-2 yrs old

this is skittles she has been dna sexed female she is a green quaker she also came from craigslist (starting to see a pattern here arent you?) she had a cage mate but he went to someone else unless he doesnt work out he will have a home here and he will be the last that comes here she has been slightly more cage aggressive lets just say it hurts when i want to get her out :) she is about 1 yr old
this is chief dna sexed male umbrella cockatoo i can not touch this guy he is the kids bird i feed him and make sure he has water and a clean cage but thats about it oh and plenty of toys the kids now can pretty much do anything they like to him without getting hurt he is 12 yrs old he is another craigslist find
this is chicco he 20 yrs old he is a double yellow headed amazon we can currently hold chicco but not pet him yes there is a difference we assume he is male but no dna has been done yet him i actually found him looking for info for chief

this is sweet pea she is a goffins cockatoo she is a plucker and a screamer she is about 3 yrs old she loves tossing food on the floor we are working on her feathers she currently has more coming in on her back she definitaly likes calypso she has been dnaed female she is another craigslist find

this is calypso a dnaed male sulfur crested cockatoo he was the first here and who is responsible for all of the other guys being here he is about 1 1/2 yrs old he is another plucker but not 1/2 as bad as sweet pea and my "house alarm" or otherwise screamer
this is the "baby" of the bunch skye the blue and gold macaw we bought her from a baby she is 9 months old (see my pirate with his "parrot") i weaned her and she definitaly is a mommas brat no one else can put their hands in her cage with out getting nipped at

Wanna see some REALLY good pics

Of course you do. Now as I may tell you a little about them. I was bathing my child (the youngest little demon). And like usual I wander off around the house doing various tasks that are impossible with him running loose. So as I go off and do my "work" I do come back and check on him. Especially when it gets quiet then I go into panick mode. Well as you can clearly see my child should be in basketball. The kids got aim already and hes not even 2 yet.Oh and did I mention thats a few feet from where he was in the tub . Yeah my floor was slightly soaked too.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

How can you stay mad?

Ok so I was kindly getting up to go get my child out of the fridge. When of course I see he's in there because of an empty cup. Well as soon as I get the can of juice opened up and set on my counter. I walk over to the water dispenser and fill his sippy cup 1/2 way with water. I start to hear something hit the floor. Yep you guessed it, it was the grape juice I JUST opened. All over my poor child's head down his chest and to the floor. Might I add my trailer is still unlevel from the recent hurricane. So everything started running under my dishwasher. Hey at least I found it funny for a minute right?