Monday, November 24, 2008

Could I have been affected?

Well I havent mentioned this. But a few days ago I learned my 22 yr old cousin had passed away. We werent close. But I knew she has 2 kids apparently both taken away from her (long story). So im sitting here wondering. Why do I even want to tear up? We werent close we havent spoken in who knows how long. So it shouldnt bother me right? Could it be the fact that she and I both have 2 kids ? Could it be she was almost my age? Could it be that I realize just how precious life is ? I didnt get the chance to make it to her wake or funeral. And im regretting that. And honestly if I had the chance to go would I ? I cant say the girl had her life going where she needed to (from what I hear she died from drugs). I guess I am human after all. And it IS ok to get your emotions out evry once and a while. So thanks for listening to me ramble. Now to go poke my husband . Hes snoring again.


The Burkes said...

I'm sorry about your cousin! I'd be sad she was so young had she had time she could have turned her life around but she wont get the chance.

Dani said...

Sorry about your cousin, sometimes things you wouldn't think would affect us do.

Surviver for now said...

dani thats exactly it i didnt think this would affect me but i think its b/c we both had 2 kids (girl and boy in same order) and she was 1 year younger than i so maybe i see me in that position ?!