Friday, November 21, 2008

I was beat up by a munchkin last night

This picture is for you to see her height this is NOT Siko the little demon This picture is the demon you cant really tell but shes all munchkin shes definitaly needing a diet and possibly a haircut

and seriously im quiet sore. Ok let me explain its a munchkin cat. The beast was being transported inside without a kennel. For protection, my protection she wasnt going to get hurt. I of course listened to my husband when he said I didnt need a kennel. Of course not whats the odds on the 11pm train passing AT 11 pm you know right after I hear the horn from far away. Ok stupid me my first mistake. Well then I decide shes "small" enough to carry something else. So I grab the container of cat food and start along my maybe 50 ft to my house. So then the train comes closer and now the horn is in full blow. Cat freaks (did I mention she has no front claws?) im holding the poor baby by now by strands of her long beautiful fur. And notice this monster is biting me and clawing at me with her back feet. She amazingly knocks off my glasses you know to bite the gash in my eyebrow. Since I can no longer see without my glasses. I get down till my husband can hear me. To find my glasses in pitch dark. So he turns the truck around and beams the headlights my way. All durning this im wiping away blood like sweat falling from my face. The cat has by now calmed down since there is no more source of irritation. We get inside I have to immediatly "cleanup". For a moment there I almost passed out. From the amount of blood lost between my face, arms, and hands. But I got through it now my left hand is swollen. And I can barely do things for myself through the pain. But hey at least my first impression was a memorable one.

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