Monday, December 22, 2008

Army Reserves anyone?

Ok this is a true cry for help. I need advice and soon. I have been looking into joining the army reserves. But im not sure if there is another "military" thats better?! I want something im going to enjoy. And well my parents are NOT supporting me in my decision. So I am asking ANYONE who reads this blog to please comment. It doesnt matter what you have to say I want to hear it. I am going test wed. So please hurry. And help me make the right decision please. Oh and today ive taken my "practice" test and scored a 43 (out of a 99) im not sure if im proud or ashamed.But it was/is a passing grade lol. And it was spur of the moment hurry and think type of thing I was in no way prepared for it.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Oh please help me something got into me. That made me make 3 different types of cookies tonight. I ended up with Inside-out chocolate chip cookies, Extraordinary chocolate chip cookies, and Chocolate-peanut butter-banana cookies. I can say they all taste pretty darn good. But who needs SEVERAL dozens of cookies ? I mean come on. For someone who doesnt even bake any more it was nice and relaxing. Well now it's relaxing because i can have a seat. But I had fun making a mess in the kitchen. I guess tomarrow morning i'll be paying for it since I have to clean up the mess.Oh well wanna cookie?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just a little entertainment

So my dear husband decides he needs some entertainment today. Like he has nothing better to do right?! Well he gets the bright idea to run after oreo (male "fat" cat) with a remote control car. Ok i thought well the cat will hide well enough this wont last long.WRONG after the cat was rudely awakened from his nap under the christmas tree. By a freakin fairly large car coming straight for him. He jumps and runs and not far either. Honestly in some way I think he liked being chased. It was definitaly quite the scene. Boy why didnt I think of the camera?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Let's share

Charlie: (talking to lil charlie) Lets show everyone how spoiled you are *starts holding his cup for him*

Me: You want another baby don't you ?

Charlie: He is my baby.

Me: No he's mine.

Brooke: Ok we will solve this baby thing you both can share.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

SNOW we have snow in south louisiana.

I dont think I need to say anymore. Im so happy last time it snowed here was christmas in 2004. So this definitaly is a treat.

Friday, December 5, 2008

It really is the little things ....

I swear it's the little things in life that make it worth while. As I was snooping around on various blogs this evening. I went back to my dashboard. And suddenly I noticed it. The one thing that would brighten my night. Wanna know what it was? I might tell you. Then again I might hold out. Since I KNOW you will think im off my rocker. Although I could tell you how my disaterous day went.

So well here I go and if you wait patiently I may just tell you. As today starts I get up and get dressed. Then I go wake the older 2. And get them started getting ready for school. Then of course I get my little evil child out of his cage .... errr I mean crib. So after all that boring stuff about chasing down an almost 2 yr old to get him dressed.(I'll spare you the details :) We start off for school the oldest first since he has to be there by 7:40 am .Of course I bring him as early as I can so he can go eat breakfast. Then to kill enough time to bring my daughter at 8 am . Ok i'll fast forward through the day since I know you just yawned.
I decided to call my oldest's school to find out whats the earliest I can sign him out. Since he had a drs appointment today at 2:30pm. Well good thing because the latest is 2:10 umm hello school lets out at 2:50 . Why so early? Before the hurricane hit the latest was 2:30 and they were getting out for 2:40 . Why the difference now? Well since I LOVE to be early/on time I go and get there for about 1:30 . GOOD THING. They ask what can they help me with as they did with the other 2 women ahead of me.I tell them then the woman does more work .And gets back to me she asks me who am I to him his mother ? Of course I said yes since thats how we have all his paperwork down as im his mother not step mother . Well she then asks me my name and then for my ID . I give it to her with my heart beating a mile a minute . Since they didnt do this to the other women. Then I notice a few women gathering in a room in a far corner. My next thoughts were "OH SHIT" (sorry please excuse me there) . After a grueling 2 minutes a woman walks out asking if I was his step mom since apparently ALL my info matched what was in his emergency info. (DUH I filled it out) .
Then they go to tell me to start filling it out and telling them I was his step mom. Actually when we started this whole school ordeal I asked that question and they told me to assume the "mom position"(well I feel I should be there I was there in his life since he was 2 1/2 and his mom well shes another story for another day) Anyways after about 30-45 mins I finally get the child I so badly needed . Only because I had to hope someone was around to get my daughter off her bus. Which is about a 10-15 min drive BACK home. Thankfully we live in an area where there is plenty of family. After getting home for oh say 2 minutes to get a diaper bag and whatever else was needed. I haul butt back to the direction I just got the oldest from. Only to be slowed by drivers who cant go the speed limit or anywhere near it. I see this fed ex truck right as I was nearing my destination. And of course I knew what he was gonna do. Yep stupid driver cut me off I almost got into a wreck. I being the evil woman I can be write down a license plate # so I can call on him later.We finally get there and WAIT 1 1/2 hrs to be seen . Yeah want to wait with 3 kids no toys and no sanity oh wait that happened about 10 minutes into waiting for the dr. Then we get into the back for another 30 mins only to get told exactly what I already knew. We are just uping meds now why couldnt we do that over the phone instead of making me wait 2 hrs? Ahhhh the feeling of finally getting into my van so I can scream at the top of my lungs for no reason. Oh crap I forgot the school excuse. Now im sitting in my van wondering should I do it ? Should I really go back in with 3 annoying kids? Can I send the oldest back in ? Shoot heck with it ill get it another day.Oh what a day it has been. And I am truly thankful its over with. Oh yeah that thing I was going to tell you about. The one that thrilled me so much. It was I seen I now have a follower I told you ,you would think im nuts but thanks MB . I owe you a smile .

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's that time of year again

And I have blackmail pics. A little cropping of the original and volia. You have 1 husband sitting on Santa's lap.Now of course I will be using this to my advantage.And of course i'll show you the original.
I think the poor kid was afraid of Santa. So he got to sit on the OTHER side lol.

And of course these 2 hey at least Brooke was smiling not sure what Austin was doing. But I don't think he belives in Santa. So i'll be telling Santa he doesn't need anything.
Hey and i've got great news. For the first time in a loooonng time i've actually been in a christmas mood. woo hoo.