Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just a little entertainment

So my dear husband decides he needs some entertainment today. Like he has nothing better to do right?! Well he gets the bright idea to run after oreo (male "fat" cat) with a remote control car. Ok i thought well the cat will hide well enough this wont last long.WRONG after the cat was rudely awakened from his nap under the christmas tree. By a freakin fairly large car coming straight for him. He jumps and runs and not far either. Honestly in some way I think he liked being chased. It was definitaly quite the scene. Boy why didnt I think of the camera?


Boo said...

You know at least it was a remote control car that could do relatively little harm to the cat.

Jaxon has his little bike thing and he tries to ride over Dude ALL the time. And Dude is so dumb he doesn't even move. Even when Jaxon comes full bolt up to him and stops an inch from his nose. Dude just stares at him.

But then Dude has enough and he bites Jaxon.

I don't know which is funnier!

Surviver for now said...

lol well when are you going to get video of this ?